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Character Sheet

Post  cdnwolf on Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:03 pm

Here is my character.

Character’s Name: Nicolai Petoskey Senior SSgt
Occupation: Calvary Branch: Armored
Nationality: Ukrainian 10’th Guards Tank Division

Basic Attributes
STR Strength 8
AGL Agility 7
CON Constitution 13
STA Stature 4
INT Intelligence 11
EDU Education 11

Coolness Fire 3
Load 29
Throw Range 16
Money: 8000

Level Skill Level Skill
60 CRM 70 BC
70 WVD 20 TW
70 SWM 80 TWD
60 HW 80 RCN
60 FOR 50 FRM
70 LCG 80 SCR

Head 13
Chest 25
LArm 17
RArm 17
Abdomen 17
LLeg 17
RLeg 17

Body Combat Damage 4
Military Experience Base 8
Months in Combat 48

Skill Range
CRM 36 18 6
PST 0 0 0
HW 36 18 6
LCG 42 21 7
HB 0 0 0

AK -74
4 Clips ammo
First Aid Kit
30 feet rope
5 Gold Coins (Hidden as reserve)

Originally raised on a commune near Kiev in the Ukraine, Nicolai grew up first working the fields harvesting the grain crops and then because of his intelligence, driver of the combine tractors. Nicolai graduated head of his class in high school and was offered an agriculture scholarship at the Kiev Farming Academy. While at College, Nicolai got into a fight protecting a female student from an attack and accidently killed the man. Unfortunately the man was the son of a powerful Communist Party member and although he could have been hung, Nicolai was “drafted” into a penal army battalion and sent to the Chinese front. His unit was decimated during a battle and Nicolai was severely wounded. While recovering he exchanged uniforms with an unconscious BTR driver from a recon unit and was sent back to Russia to fully recover. After learning that there new fill in recruit could speak fluent Ukrainian, Nicolai was attached as liaison to the 10’Th Guards Tank Division, part of the 3'rd Shock Army. Just before the drive that destroyed the US 5th Division at Kalisz, the main officers of the Division mutinied and declared for NATO. Because Nicolai could speak passable English he was chosen as an envoy to try to contact NATO forces and grant asylum and safe passage for the divi the divison. Nicolai was captured by American forces near Torun.

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